Breaking news… the CILIP SW blog is launched!

Welcome to the first posting upon the new CILIP SW Blog!

The final issue of South Western News was published in November 2014. I am sure that all CILIP South West members will wish to thank and pay tribute to David Cawthorne for his consistency in editing so many classic issues of this most esteemed organ over a period of no less than 19 years. Yes, David brought us the very finest in library and information updates since 1996. Under his rock ’n’ roll editorship the South Western News was a rich cornucopia of words of wisdom, delightfully stuffed to the mastheads with top-quality current awareness, library-related jokes and quotations, (Groucho) Marxist theory, ‘unsuitable clipart’ and calls for copy a plenty.

Post 1 illustration Vintage Cawthorniana

Vintage Cawthorniana

Well I can’t promise the continuation of such wisdom but rest assured there will still be plentiful calls for more copy. So, fret ye not, the show will go on.

The CILIP SW Blog will be an ongoing forum for all members and all sectors of the library and information profession within the CILIP South West region. And where exactly is the South West region, you may ask? For our purposes, the South West region consists of Cornwall, the heartlands of Thomas Hardy’s Wessex – namely Devon, Somerset, Bristol, Dorset and (for me the mother county) Wiltshire – along with Gloucestershire, and some beautiful ‘neighbouring’ islands – namely the Isles of Scilly and the Channel Isles. Finally, if any colleagues wish to contribute by sharing content from immediately adjacent areas of South Wales, Oxfordshire, Hampshire or the Isle of Wight they will by no means be turned away.

It is intended that there should be a ‘little and often’ approach to content on the CILIP South West blog so expect postings every fortnight or so. We’ll be eagerly awaiting your news and reports.
Please send items for posting to:


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