SWRLS Grant Scheme

SWRLS (South Western Regional Library Service) is very keen to promote library co-operation, resource sharing and collaborative collection management across all library sectors in the South West region.  We realise that this might not happen easily without some resource.  This is where the SWRLS grant scheme may be of help as we offer grants up to £10,000 to SWRLS members to support projects or feasibility studies.  In addition, we can also provide funding of between £200 and £1,000 to enable colleagues from member organisations to attend conferences or external training courses, with an expectation that they share that learning with the wider SWRLS community.

Examples of previous project outcomes may be seen on the SWRLS grant scheme webpage at: http://www.swrls.org.uk/swrls-grant-scheme.html  where you will also find the guidance and application forms.  Don’t hold back, please contact us!  Shelagh Levett: director@swrls.org.uk or Jackie Chelin (Chair): Jacqueline.Chelin@uwe.ac.uk

SWRLS logo


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