A Quick Hello!


Hello! My name is Tammy East and as a new addition to the CILIP SW blog editorial team, I wanted to introduce myself to you all. I work as the Customer Experience Manager overseeing the customer service and library services in our seven Learning Resource Centres here at Exeter College. You may have read my previous blog post about our Book Nook and Reading for Pleasure project, and I have certainly enjoyed reading everyone else’s contributions here. Sharing best practice and learning from what is working elsewhere is an essential part of our work as library and information professionals and this is what led me to putting myself forward for this editorial role.

We can learn a lot from outside our sector too. I haven’t always worked in Information and Library Services, in fact I was a mental health nurse for many years before I took a part-time degree and changed careers. It can be surprising how many transferable skills you can bring with you and just how open information and library professionals are to alternative perspectives and change. I’ve learnt a lot from working with my colleagues and meeting many of you at training events and over social media. I’m very pleased and proud to now be part of this profession and I hope to help share your ideas, projects, experiences and stories via this blog. If you’re doing fantastic work or have an amazing project on the go, if you’re new to the profession or you have a wealth of experience to pass on, why not shape it into a blog post and keep sharing the good work we all do!



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